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Geoff Anthony

Specialist Consultant in Smoking Cessation & Behavioural Modification.


'EASILY' - In Just 90 Minutes!

Without Cravings or Weight Gain!

- Also Works for Electronic Cigarettes! -

The Award-Winning

'Easy Quit-Smoking Programme'

"Ireland's No.1 Stop Smoking Solution!"

Are you tired of trying to stop smoking by using Patches, Gum, Sprays, Lozenges, Bogus Pills, Hypnosis, Electronic Gadgets and other Gimmicks that FAIL YOU time after time?

NOW you can STOP SMOKING - Easily, Immediately, and Permanently,  by attending the Award-Winning, highly successful, Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic.  

So be encourged - there is HOPE!

In just 90 minutes, you will discover my EASY and PROVEN system to Stop Smoking for good!  And help guarantee your future Health, Wealth, and Happiness! - You’ll love the results!

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