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Clients gladly throw their cigarettes away after a Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic!

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Stop Smoking for Good!

 Without Cravings or Weight Gain!

- Works for both 'Regular' & 'Electronic' cigarettes! -

Attention: If you are a smoker who wants to kick the habit for good and lead the richer, healthier, longer life you deserve - totally nicotine free - this is probably the most important message you will ever read!

Dear soon-to-be Non-Smoker,

Thank you for visiting my Web site today. You are very welcome indeed.

My name is Geoff Anthony.

As a leading expert in smoking cessation, I have had the privilege of empowering literally thousands of smokers around the world to become happy and confident non-smokers.

For over twenty-six years I have worked internationally as a Specialist Consultant in Smoking Cessation and Behavioural Modification.

However, it wasn’t always like that.

As one who was a ‘chain-smoker’ for many years, smoking five packs of cigarettes a day.

Yes, you read it right, five packs a day!

And as someone who experienced serious health problems because of it, I can identify perfectly with what you are thinking and how you are feeling right now.

Perhaps - as it was for me then:
  • You are tired of your Doctor, family and friends lecturing you about quitting and the harm you’re doing to yourself.
  • ​You've seen how cigarettes poisons people. You’re saddened to see how the evil weed has ruined lives by causing emphysema, heart attacks, stroke, horrible cancers and premature death.
  • ​You're hoping that smoking doesn’t ruin your health also. But in your heart of hearts, you know the truth - the truth that you need to quit NOW, before it’s too late.
  • ​Your upset at spending huge amounts of your hard earned money on this nonsensical habit and dreadful poison. (€5,748 every year if smoking just 30 cigarettes a day!)
  • ​You are really sick and tired of smelling like a stale ashtray, knowing that the mints, cologne or perfume, just doesn't cover up that revolting smell.
  • You are terrified of gaining weight if you stop smoking.
  • ​You've tried quitting before, using things like hypnosis, patches, gum, sprays, lozenges, acupuncture, laser, pills, electronic gadgets, and God knows what else - you just think you don’t have the so called ‘will-power’ to quit.
  • ​You can't face the idea of yet another failure to quit. Yes, you know all about why you need to quit, but you’re sick of the struggle and the feeling of frustration. It seems your confidence and hope is just about gone.
  • ​You fear that you will never be able to enjoy life again if you stop smoking.
  • ​You also fear that you’ll have to give up a crutch or pleasure and won’t be able to handle the stress situations of life without a cigarette.
  • You wish there was an easier way to do it - so you could be successful once and for all and enjoy the long, vibrant, healthier and wealthier life that you so desperately desire and deserve.

As I said to you earlier, I've been there!

I know how you are thinking and feeling just now!

And fortunately, I also know exactly how to stop smoking easily and instantly - without cravings, without anxiety, without irritability, without weight gain and without will-power!

How do I know? - Because I have done it! 

Introducing the Ultimate Stop Smoking System....

 - The Geoff Anthony -

Easy Quit-Smoking Programme

"​Ireland's No.1 Stop Smoking Solution!"

  • Probably the most successful clinic in Ireland today!
  • Celebrating 26 years of PROVEN worldwide success!
  • ​Virtually 100% success rate for the truly committed!
  • ​Designed to work with no cravings or weight gain!
  • ​Just the ONE simple 90 minute session required!
  • ​You'll save €5,748 yearly smoking just 30 a day!
  • Works for 'Regular' & 'Electronic' cigarettes!
  • No CD's to listen to week after week!
  • ​No hypnosis involved nor needed!
  • ​Empowers your will to succeed!
  • Effective, Powerful & Works!
  • Safe, Simple, Successful!
  • ​Instant, Proven, EASY!
Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic

Clients gladly throw their cigarettes away after the clinic.

Designed to work with...

Stop smoking with no cravings

NO Cravings!

Stop smoking with no weight gain

NO Weight Gain!

Stop smoking with no stress.

NO Stress!

The Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Programme is possibly the easiest and fastest method, to enable you the smoker to painlessly and permanently stop smoking in just ONE simple 90 minute session!

The techniques applied in the programme are extremely effective.

No gimmicks, no shock treatment, no lasers, no hypnosis, no herbs, no nicotine patches, gum, sprays, lozenges, inhalators, electronic gadgets, no pills or any other silly substitutes, or useless aids are used or needed.

As you will appreciate, it is impossible on a Web page or even a telephone conversation to fully expound to you all the finer details of the entire clinic - after all it’s a full 90 minutes long!

However, just to say, the system is a well structured, tried and tested, proven programme.

It combines ultra powerful psychological dynamics with potent and practical ‘cutting-edge’, behavior modification techniques, along with my specially developed life-enhancing therapy processes. - all geared to your total success.

And concludes with a personal, private, one-to-one.

The system is designed to eliminate your smoking habit in everyday life situations - in the morning, at work, when stressed, while driving, on the phone, having coffee, after the meal, even in the presence of smokers!

See what some of our attendee's have to say:

John Kelly Wexford

"No more recession in our house! - €50,400 saved so far!"

“ Geoff, what can I say - after trying the patches, hypnosis, and the Champix tablets with absolutely no success, my wife and I attended your clinic in Wexford.

Two years later after attending the 'Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic' we are both smoke free! We are in the best shape of our lives.

And Geoff, there is no more recession in our house!!!! We have saved over 19,000 euro since attending your fabulous clinic - a million thanks…."

P.S.  Since John's original testimony as above, he has updated his information with our office by informing us that he and his wife have now saved over €43,000!!!! - And that’s all in the space of 5 short years since John and his wife attended the clinic!

P.S.S.  Received email from John  (30th Dec. 2014)  He and his wife have saved a whopping €50,400!!!! since attending the Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic just 6 years ago!!

"Lost 2 stone weight after quitting 40 a day!"

“...smoked 40 cigarettes a day for years.

Twelve months on from attending your incredible programme, I can truly say, I’m smoke free.

I’ve got into the best health of my life and lost two stone in weight.  Geoff, I could never thank you enough for all your help...”

Maggie Quinn Dundalk
Mary O'KaneDublin

"Quitting was never easier"

"...quitting was never easier, I had absolutely no cravings or withdrawals.  My 30 a day 25 year smoking habit is gone!..."

"Just didn't want to smoke anymore!"

"Dear Geoff, my Partner and I attended your stop smoking clinic in Bray.  We had to write and thank you for helping us become non-smokers.  We had tried for years without luck to quit.

Tried hypnosis twice, then tried the patches and Alan Carr, even used Zyban, it felt hopeless....I wasn’t even able to give up for a day.

What is so amazing - since attending your incredible clinic, we just didn’t want to smoke anymore!

... so thank you Geoff for changing our lives for the better!”

Ayesha Bolton Bray
Sam Mulligan Belfast

"Haven't felt this good in 50 years!"

“Geoff, - You saved my life!

Twelve months on and I’m still a happy non-smoker. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good in fifty years.

I just can’t thank you enough.”

"No cravings or withdrawals"

"...for 25 years I smoked two packs a day.

Tried patches, gum, hypnosis and as a last resort Champix tablets prescribed by my Doctor, all of no avail.

However, after attending your amazing programme, I haven’t had a cigarette since.  Without cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Fantastic!

Many of my work colleagues will be attending your next clinic.

Thanks so much Geoff.  Keep up your good work!”

Thomas Kehoe Galway
 Mrs. Keegan Westport

"Your Quit-Smoking Clinic worked instantly!"

"...my husband and I came to your clinic to stop smoking 2 years ago.

Your quit-smoking clinic worked instantly, neither of us have smoked since, the thought of having a cigarette never enters our minds, even socially when out drinking with friends that still smoke. We both have not been tempted...”

"Smoked 60 Majors for 30 years!"

“Geoff, I can’t thank you enough, I was smoking 60 Majors a day for 30 years.

After attending your fantastic programme last year, I haven’t smoked since. Unbelievable!!!”

Patrick O'Neil Co. Mayo
Mark Bryan Belfast

"From smoker to marathan runner!"

Dear Geoff, just had to write a word of thanks.  Came to your clinic two years ago.  Haven't smoked since!

Not only did you help me to deal with my 40 a day smoking habit, but you inspired me to succeed in so many other areas of my life....

Thought you would be interested to know that I successfully ran the Belfast marathon last year. Took me two years to train for it, but wow - what an improvement in my health since attending your programme....

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!”

"One of the best decisions I have ever made"

“...well Geoff, I am a non smoker and loving every minute of it.

I have stopped thinking about it pretty much all together and have received so much positive feedback that I am definitely not going to go back to it.

This is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made and I tell people how I did it through your programme at every opportunity.

Thank you so much for your help in taking this step...”

Brenda Woods  Ballinasloe
Margaret Murphy Portlaoise

"Not as difficult as I had imagined"

“...I was just saying to my daughter tonight that has been 18 months since I had my last cigarette after attending the your stop smoking clinic in Portlaoise.

After smoking for 47 years I was amazed to find it was not as difficult as I had imagined. Thank You.

I hope the others in the group are the same...”

Kind Regards.

"Well worth every penny"

“...I would like to send you a big thank you, I came to your stop smoking session September and I have not had another cigarette. I am so happy, well worth every penny, my best investment ever!”

Andrea Carey  Naas

7 Reasons Why Geoff's Stop Smoking Clinic is Ireland's No. 1


Geoff heads the largest Consultancy and network of private clinics in the nation.

Over the last 27 years no other therapist in Ireland has helped as many clients to easily and successfully conquer their smoking habit.


Geoff has 27 years of successful experience working internationally as a Specialist Consultant in Smoking Cessation and Behavioural Modification.

He has enabled and empowered literally thousands for total success worldwide.


Geoff’s breakthrough Stop Smoking System is different from any other method out there.

It is one of a kind. - TOTALLY UNIQUE! - having been specially devised, designed and developed by him personally.

Geoff's stop smoking system is based on his own experience of easily overcoming his five pack a day smoking habit - instantly, painlessly and permanently - without experiencing any anxiety, irritability, stress, cravings or weight gain!


Geoff’s clinic is riveting, relaxing, friendly, sincere, passionate, inspiring, motivating, empowering, practical, sprinkled at times with humor, and delivers proven results!


To ensure and maintain the extremely high standards of the clinic, Geoff personally conducts ALL his own clinics - no associates or trainees are used!


The small registration investment of €147 is purposely geared to make the clinic affordable to ALL.  (Saving the 20-a-day smoker a whopping €4,197 year after year!) - It's a NO brainer!

Clients gladly invest over 10 times that - Yes, €1,500 for private consultations with Geoff.

But now...

because of the small group setting, you get Geoff's incredibly powerful system, with the very same results, at just a fraction of the cost of private sessions.

And yet you still get...

that personal and private one-to-one with Geoff at the conclusion of the clinic!


All Geoff's Stop Smoking Clinics come with a 100% Written Guarantee*.

Geoff is so totally confident and committed committed to your success, that in the unlikely event you ever start smoking again, you will be admitted to any of his nationwide clinics within one year of attendance absolutely FREE of charge!

PLUS: Full Year Back Up Support! - If you ever even think about smoking you are welcome to attend any clinic for a reinforcement ‘booster’ session or sessions within that year, also totally FREE of charge!

Who Should NOT Attend?

  • If you are perfectly happy as a smoker and content with your current nicotine lifestyle…
  • If you are looking for some 'one’ or some 'thing' to do YOUR PART for you… (believe me it doesn’t exist!)
  • If you want some gimmicky nonsense to aid you stop smoking…
  • If you are being pressured by a ‘well meaning’ loved one or other person, but deep down inside YOU don’t really want to commit yourself to becoming nicotine free…

THEN, I respectfully ask that you do NOT attend the clinic.

Who Should Attend?

  •  If you are tired of trying to stop smoking by using, Hypnosis, E-cigarettes, Patches, Gum, Lozenges, Sprays, Champix, Willpower… Etc. & struggled and FAILED time after time?
  •  If you are serious about LIVING FREE from your smoking / vaping habit, enabling you to enjoy the countless health benefits of the smoke free life, and freedom from the horrible financial handcuffs of your smoking habit.
  •  If you are ready to TAKE BACK positive and powerful control of your life, and COMMIT yourself to such.

THEN, this highly successful stop smoking clinic, is without question an absolute MUST for you!

It's time to take your life back!

Easily end your smoking habit forever by attending the Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic!

You have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain!

In just 90 minutes you could be starting your New, Healthier, Wealthier, Longer Life - and enjoy life to the FULL!

"Will it Work for Me?"

Regardless of your past "experiences" with trying to quit, and no matter how long you've been smoking, the programme is designed so you will stop smoking on the evening of the clinic - with no anxiety, no cravings, and no weight gain!

Whether you are a light or heavy smoker, whether a casual or long-term smoker - whether you smoke regular' or electronic' cigarettes, my proven and unique highly successful system is designed so you will leave the clinic as a confident and relaxed NON-SMOKER! - TOTALLY nicotine free!

A few more recent success stories:

"Habit of smoking is gone!"

"...the good news is I have now been smoke free for 10 months.

I can’t believe how great I feel, it’s like I’m 20 yrs old again. There was no anger, or picking up any new habits, I didn’t feel like a part of me was now gone, the actual habit of smoking is gone!

I didn’t even miss it, I actually can’t believe it. I have tried everything and to actually find something that really works so easily, blows my mind.

Because of your fantastic stop smoking clinic, Geoff, I am a delighted non-smoker..."

Eddie Collins  Kilkenny
Pat Owens Tullamore

"Will never smoke again"

Two weeks today. Will never smoke again after 35 years and 40 a day. No stress! No nothing!

The Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking clinic is the best investment a smoker could ever make.

Many thanks!!!!!!!

"The best gift I've ever gotten in my life"

I just wanted to email you a note to express my gratitude to you for helping me do what I’ve failed to do repeatedly.

I haven’t smoked for 28 days, which perhaps is not a remarkable amount of time, but what is remarkable about it is that I have become a HAPPY non-smoker - something that I never thought possible.

You have given me the best gift I’ve ever gotten in my life, and all I can say truly from my heart is thank you!

Audrey Campbell  Lisburn
Thomas Lambert Wexford

"I am a non-smoker thanks to you"

"..I had tried to quit smoking several times over the last 5 years. I have been smoke free over 9 months now.

I am a non-smoker thanks to you. I had smoked pipes, cigars and cigarettes for over 16 years.

Thank you for helping my family and me. God bless."

"Ten years smoke free!"

Hi Geoff

"Great news!  I came to your Stop Smoking Clinic in Monaghan.

Haven’t smoked a cigarette since.

This March I celebrate 10 years of living the smoke free life!

I had heard of your quit smoking method from a work mate who was singing it’s praises.

However, I must say having tried many other methods, I was skeptical, but felt I had nothing to lose - I was wrong! I lost a habit that I thought I never would!!

All the best Geoff, and thanks a million times over!"

Marty Treanor  Monaghan
Alison Kelly Kilkenny

"I would recommend your clinic to anyone"

"Hi Geoff, Just a wee update. My husband and I attended your stop smoking clinic in Hotel Kilkenny a few weeks ago and we haven't smoked since.

I am so relieved to be a non-smoker at last after smoking for at least 20 years and have struggled to give up for longer than I care to remember.

I would recommend your clinic to anyone, been raving about it over the last few weeks..."

"Thanks for all you have done for our family"

Dear Mr. Anthony

"My father attended your stop smoking seminar in January of 2014, he had long since been a heavy smoker (for 33 years two packs a day!) and had tried quitting numerous times on his own.

When I got pregnant with my first daughter, my father decided it was time to quit, not only for himself but for the health of his granddaughter.

Since attending your stop smoking clinic he has been completely smoke free. He left his last full pack at your clinic that night and hasn't touched one since! He is now healthier... and has a beautiful new granddaughter..."

Lynne Ferguson  Enniskillen
Amy Lutton Clonmel

"The best time and money I have ever spent"


You don't know me, but I attended your stop smoking clinic over two years ago. I had smoked heavily for over 15 years, and tried to quit many times, as most smokers do. Occasionally I had some short term success, but nothing quite stuck.

A friend of mine wanted to go to your quit-smoking programme, but felt odd going alone, so I went just as moral support.

It was as if you threw a switch in my psyche... I had three cigarettes in the Jeep on the way in, and I haven`t had a smoke since!. It may not be a miracle, but it`s close enough for me.

That was far and away the best time and money I've ever spent.

Thanks for helping me get my life back.

1000's of Success Stories - and Counting!

"Real People - Real Results!"

The above "Success Stories" are just a SMALL SAMPLE of recent Irish testimonials.

Our office has several hundreds of similar unsolicited, verified success stories on file.

"They succeeded - and so can YOU!"

100% Written Guarantee

100% Written Guarantee!

"I am so totally confident & committed to your success, that in the unlikely event you ever start smoking again, you will be admitted to any of my nationwide clinics within one year of attendance absolutely FREE of charge!" 

PLUS: Full Year Back Up Support! - If you ever even think about smoking you are welcome to attend any clinic for a reinforcement ‘booster’ session or sessions within that year, also totally FREE of charge!

Please Note: Based on our incredible guarantee the clinic presently enjoys a 97.4% success rate!

With the remaining 2.6% still able to return absolutely FREE of charge for Total Success!

Conceivably the most successful Stop Smoking Clinic in Ireland today!

Clinics start 8 pm.

Registration: 7:30 - 8 pm.

Just imagine, in only 90 minutes, YOU will discover my EASY and PROVEN tried and tested system to Stop Smoking for good! - And help guarantee your future Health, Wealth, and Happiness!

- You'll love the results! - 

P.S.:  Yes, that's right! - in 90 minutes you can be finally and forever free from your smoking habit!

With No Cravings, No Anxiety and No Weight Gain.

Leaving the clinic with the ability to ThinkAct and Respond to life as a Happy, Healthy, Confident, and Relaxed Non-Smoker - Totally and Completely Nicotine Free!

All for the small investment of €147 complete!  (Saving you a massive €4,197 per year if smoking 20 cigarettes a day!!!!!)

Undoubtedly, the most effective and least expensive clinic in Ireland today!

P.P.S.:  Remember, the Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic comes with a *100% WRITTEN GUARANTEE!

On the evening of your attendance you will receive additional support material.

Contained therein you will have my full direct contact details, along with the 100% Written Guarantee, which states that:

"...in the unlikely event you ever start smoking again, you will be admitted to any of my nationwide clinics within one year of attendance absolutely FREE of charge!"

PLUS: Full Year Back Up Support! - If you ever even think about smoking you are welcome to attend any clinic for a reinforcement ‘booster’ session or sessions within that year, also totally FREE of charge!

Yes, a full 365 days!

That’s how confident and committed I am to your success!

P.P.P.S:  Don’t waste any more of your precious time or money destroying your health, wealth, and life with cigarette poison.

A fantastic smoke-free life is the best gift you could give to yourself and family.

The opportunity is within your grasp right NOW! - the Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Clinic is your golden key to unlocking your success for a wonderful smoke-free life and happiness.


My Team and I look forward to welcoming you to one of our clinics in the very near future.

Yours for a Happy and Healthy Smoke-Free Life.

Geoff Anthony signature

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