Geoff Anthony Corporate Clinics

"Your employees deserve the best"

Creating a healthy workplace has never been easier!

The Geoff Anthony stop smoking corporate clinics have been hosted with international businesses and corporations around the world with great success.

Combining his successful entrepreneurial business background with his powerful Behavioral Modification Skills and Techniques, Geoff is very well placed and suited to work with the Business / Corporate sector.

Geoff conducts his stop smoking Corporate Clinics for dozens of companies around the world.

For instance in 2017 alone, Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Corporate Clinics have been conducted in places such as America, Canada, UK, a number of countries in Europe, and of course Ireland.

And with a number of Companies already booked for 2018, it looks like the Geoff Anthony Corporate Clinics will be busier than ever before!

5 Reasons why more & more Companies are investing in Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Corporate Clinics

1.  To increase the productivity of their workforce which increases profits. On average the employee who smokes experiences an average productivity loss equivalent to 18 working days a year compared to a non-smoker.

2.  To reduce the stress in the workplace. It is common knowledge that there is often tension between non-smoking employees and smokers because of unauthorized smoke breaks.

Also, although most smokers believe the opposite, non-smokers are less stressed than smokers and smokers who stop smoking become more capable of handling stress.

3.  To correctly implement their company no-smoking policy. The correct implementation of a company no-smoking policy is essential to prevent dissatisfaction and disruption.

4.  To improve their corporate image by stopping employees smoking at entrances, exits, and stairwells which creates a negative perception.

​5.  To harness the gratitude and additional company loyalty that smokers and their families feel towards employers that help them to stop smoking.

Undoubtedly, the Geoff Anthony Corporate Stop Smoking Clinics are an investment in your company that pays huge dividends!

Whether it suits you to have sessions on your own premises or you prefer to have your staff attend one of our clinics, or a combination of both, we can accommodate your needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your staff make a successful transition from smoker to relaxed and confident non-smoker, by attending the Geoff Anthony Stop Smoking Corporate Clinics!

Further information regarding the Geoff Anthony Easy Quit-Smoking Programme can be found by clicking here.