Geoff Anthony Private Consultations

Please note: Although the Geoff Anthony Private Consultations are available to ALL, they are primarily geared for those who have a high 'public profile' in their communities and prefer not to be regarded or known as 'smokers' and consequently they desire private consultations to afford the highest confidentiality.

Clients who prefer the Private Consultations option with Geoff, tend to be Politicians, Doctors, Business Executives, Teachers, Religious Leaders, Solicitors, and the such like.

As a 1-2-1 places a very high premium on time, the cost is reflected accordingly.

Geoff Anthony Private Consultations costs €1,500

Private Consultations are always conducted at the Geoff Anthony Private Clinic in Armagh City.

However, the Geoff Anthony small group Easy Quit-Smoking Programme, employs the exact same system as the private 1-2-1, with the same high success rate!  But at a tenth of the cost!

The modest registration of €147 makes the highly successful small group clinic affordable to ALL.  Saving the 20-a-day smoker a whopping €4,368 year after year!  -  It's a NO brainer!

And there is a personal and private 1-2-1 with Geoff at the end of the small group clinic, at no extra cost!

Geoff Anthony Private Consultations can be arranged by contacting Geoff directly, just click here.